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Importance of eBook conversion

eBook conversion service is the process of converting printed books into eBooks. EBooks have now gained a lot of popularity. They are now in continuous demand of being converted from a physical to technological or digital form. Books have been a very important part of a reader’s life as they contain all sorts of information and are also useful to distress a person’s hectic life. Most of the best publishing companies have now started to launch their eBooks along with their conversions.  The conversion of books to eBooks has turned out to be a boom for the society and the writers. The electronic format has made things a lot easier, as they can be downloaded anywhere on phones, tabs etc and secondly they offer a great collection of reading material. Also, there are many eBooks available online for free, so that the readers could download them easily.

A lot of people believe that an eBook cannot capture the charm of a physical reading book. Well, these people are highly mistaken as it’s much easier to scroll the pages down then to flip the pages one by one. Also when the price is considered, eBooks are comparatively cheaper than the physical books. A lot of websites have encouraged the writers to show their skill digitally, by writing and publish their eBooks to the world. A book can be converted into an eBook format by a company providing eBook conversion service. But if the book is in physical form then that requires a basic digital conversion first, which involves scanning. EBook publishing service is a great idea to reach a large number of readers in a short span of time.

Conversion is a tricky process which requires technical skills because some of the authors might want to add up rich multimedia content to their eBook. The best option is to contact an eBook conversion professional company to give best results. A proper eBook design service enhances the eBooks quality by enhancing their audio and video content; thanks to their technical skills.They make the eBook look exciting and remembering experience for the reader.

The companies can convert an Epub into any other digital format with fewer complications and less cost. epub outsourcing companies produce eBook formats that work on iPad, iPhone, nook, Kobo and other Android tablets. The second common type of conversion used is Mobi which works on Kindle devices. Another type is iBook Author format or .iba, which specifically target Apple users only. The best eBook editing company will provide you with all the options of conversion formats.


Best eBook conversion companies in India

If you offer eBook conversion services, you might often wonder as to how you could be listed as one of the top eBook conversion companies in India. There is no dearth of such companies and the kind of competition which exists is staggering.

So, here we are going to guide you into understanding the apt ways by which you can emerge as one of the top names when it comes to eBook conversion companies.

  1. The quality

First and foremost, you will have to ensure that you are adhering to the right quality standards. If you do not stick to the best of quality, your company is not likely to make any good progress. You should have zero tolerance towards quality standards mismatch. When your company is hailed for adhering to the best of quality guidelines, it is definitely going to create the right kind of reputation.

  1. The price

The next thing which you need to know is that the market is almost always driven by the price factor. You should charge justified rates for the conversion of the eBooks or else the competition is tough enough to make you lose your clients. We have seen some company choose the dubious strategy of slashing the rates and the quality together. Under no account should you make this mistake because once you offer inferior quality, the brand image will be tarnished forever. It takes years to build a reputation and mere seconds to destroy it.

  1. The variety

There are a lot of different formats of eBooks which are available in the market. Some of the versions in which you can find the eBook include mobi, jar, pdf, word and so on. In such cases, if you want to climb to the top of the ladder, you should have the provision of converting the eBook into a lot of different formats simultaneously. The more variety you have to offer, the more clients should come to you because no one likes to go to two different companies for the sake of getting their eBooks converted to multiple formats.

  1. Customer retention

The best firms would know how to retain their customers in the long run. If you check the details of any successful company, you will find that most of them have a great customer retention policy. The more customers you can retain, the more repeat orders you will get and this, in turn, can help you grow manifold.

These are some of the different ways by which you can climb to the top of the ranks and be listed as one of the best eBook conversion companies in India. Reality Premedia is one such company that has been following all these points and it has helped hem climb very steeply and they are now a known name and a trusted brand. You can check out the service they offer.

When you are venturing into the world of eBooks, the commitment to offer the best quality should always be there.

Best eBook Publication Services

These days, eBook have gained a lot of prominences. You can find a lot of people choosing to read eBooks as compared to traditional ones. They do not have to be physically carried and you can simply store them on your tablets or even your smartphone as well.
This is why there has been a great rise in the number of eBook publication services that have come up. When you are looking to have your eBook published, you should make it a point to meticulously check the kind of services which the company offers. This is important because the lack of proper formatting can hurt the sales of the book miserably.

Reality Premedia Services

This is one of the top companies that have been offering professional and specialized eBook publication services. They have a skilled team that makes it a point to duly format the book and changes it into the right format. Once the formatting is done, the marketing company makes it a point to create the right buzz for the book.
This is important lest there are so many books which are released that your book may not be able to get the kind of prominence it has been seeking. With the right marketing, you can be hopeful that your book will stand out in the crowd. Of course, the kind of content which you offer makes the right kind of difference as well.

How to find the best ebook Publication Service?

When you are on the lookout to find the best eBook publication service, here are some of the points you need to keep an eye on.

The Reviews

Be mindful of how honest the reviews are. These days, a lot of companies choose to have fake sponsored reviews. But, if you pay heed and duly check the details, you should be able to see the points and find out an honest review. So, you can check out the details of the company as to how good they are at publishing the content and the kind of success they have had.

The Price

There is no doubt that the market is price sensitive. So, you should ideally run a price comparison on the services. We would recommend you not to base your decision solely on the price factor because the onus should be on finding publication companies in India that offer the best services at judicious rates.

The Package

Mostly, people do not just opt for having their eBook published, but they go for a combined package. So, you can keep an eye out on the details of what the package is, the inclusions, the discount and more. This way you will be able to optimize total expenses in an apt manner.
Keeping all these points in mind should help you find the best eBook publication services which will meticulously serve your need. Make sure to have a good book with compelling content and then efficient formatting backed with right marketing should help you taste success.

eBook Conversion Services And Production Company

Do you have the habit of reading eBooks? There are books which are available in so many different formats. When you choose to publish eBooks, you will find the option of having numerous possible formats to pick from.

So, you should make it a point to explore the different formats which you should publish your book into and then opt for the right package. Merely publishing your book in one format might hurt your sales. iPhone supports a different format as compared to Android phones. Similarly, desktop supported eBooks have a different format. So, it is important to cater to a wider audience and this is why your ebook needs to be distributed in multiple formats.

This gives readers the liberty of choosing the apt format for their use. There is no dearth of publishing houses that can publish eBooks in multiple formats. You should make it a point to focus on the kind of services which you want and then come to the right decision. Here are some of the key things which an ebook production company should be mindful of.

The quality of ebook

As eBooks are read on electronic devices, it is extremely important to ensure that they are formatted well. When eBooks have not been formatted in an apt manner, it can lead to troubles while reading. As an ebook production company, you should be well-versed with the different ideas of how you can produce the apt ebook.

Make smart use of available technology to come up with the best kind of eBooks.

Support for multiple formats 

Further, you need to make it a point to be sure that you can switch the eBooks into a plethora of formats. The more the number of formats you support, the better is the chance of being successful. Some of the popular formats include epub, Mobi, pdf and so on.

Try and see the most popular formats and even the different formats which people can opt for. You should try and offer all of it so as to get the maximum orders.


Most publishing houses make it a point to offer distribution services too. When you are willing to work on ebook distribution too, it will help you get clients who can give you a complete package. So, you should try and understand the dynamics of ebook distribution. Distribution, in turn, is linked with marketing which we will follow up next.


If you can offer ebook marketing along with production as a part of your service, you are likely to make the cut. Companies who offer a complete scratch to finish package are a lot more likely to emerge successfully.

So, if you want to succeed in this field, you should know production of an ebook, conversion into multiple formats, marketing, publishing, and distribution together. Offering these complete set of services can help you get various packages which in turn will make your publishing house popular.

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What Role Do eBook Conversion Services Companies Play in Transforming Your Print Book to eBook?

eBooks are at the forefront of the next big trend in the publishing industry. And leading this change are various eBook conversion providers in India and abroad. Well yes, there are several DIY ways to convert your print book into an eBook. In fact, this is where most people make a mistake: They assume that converting a print into an eBook is an effortless task that can be executed by downloading apps and tools worth a few dollars from the internet.

digital book conversionHowever, the truth is: Cheap digital book conversion apps and tools available on the internet distinctly lack the professional touch. This has turned the attention to the bevy of services provided by digital book conversion services companies. A professional company with seasoned experts will not only be abreast of the latest trends in the industry, but will strive to attain the first-mover advantage by offering consumers what’s new in the market.

With Interactive eBooks being the Future, Professional eBook Conversion Services have Taken Center Stage

As simple as it may seem to a lay person, converting a print book into an eBook cannot be efficiently done by a run-of-the-mill tool. No matter how basic your needs, the expertise of an experienced firm remains unparalleled. For example, if you’re publishing a cookbook, it is important that all the various elements of the cookbook fuse harmoniously together. The pictures need to be aligned perfectly with the text, the finer nuances of ingredients lists need to be borne in mind, a handy glossary of terms should be made available to readers at the touch of the screen, and so on. Likewise, such factors also apply to children’s books or eBooks for young adults.

Where a touch of interactivity is needed, the role of a professional becomes even more important.

Consumers are Opening up to Quality eBooks – A Need that can be Fulfilled by eBook Conversion Services Companies

From using digital cookbooks in the kitchen to carrying eBooks during their travels to reading out bedtime stories to children from digital books, consumers have breached conventions to embrace digital books. But that’s also made it important for publishers to provide a quality digital book reading experience to their consumers. This again brings the role of an eBook conversion company into the spotlight.

While readers are now more willing to consume digital content via eBooks, how are publishers geared to fill this unmet need? A company that has handled similar projects in the past will know. More importantly, the task doesn’t end at merely converting a print book into an eBook, marketing the eBook on the right platforms and ensuring that it reaches targeted consumers is often a task best left to experts.

A high degree of expertise goes into converting print books into eBooks, and in order to compete in an increasingly crowded eBook marketplace, publishers need to seek out the right eBook conversion services.

– Source: http://realitypremedia.com/blog/what-role-do-ebook-conversion-services-companies-play-in-transforming-your-print-book-to-ebook/

Hiring an eBook Conversion Company is Better than a DIY Approach – Know Why

With the popularity of eBooks soaring to unprecedented levels with every passing year, one might think that developing an eBook can be done by anyone. It is easy to believe that you don’t need an eBook conversion company given the plethora of digital conversion apps on the market.

eBook Conversion services, eBook Conversion companies, ePub conversion, kindle conversionBut this couldn’t be father from the truth. As more and more readers embrace eBooks, this reading format has become increasingly sophisticated from the technological standpoint. That’s precisely why not all firms are successful at providing eBook conversion services. More importantly, this is the reason do-it-yourself (DIY) digital book conversion often doesn’t yield the desired results, whereas a professional company possibly will.
Although there are several tools and applications available online that claim to provide ‘professional’ conversion services, the results are far from the same. Thus, the general consensus when it comes to converting to kindle or converting to ePub is that engaging the services of an eBooks company is a prudent decision.
When is a Professional EBook Conversion Company a Better Choice?

When you need to convert hundreds of pages of text into stunning, engaging eBooks that have a consistent format and style, partnering with a professional services consultant is recommended. That’s because eBook development also entails a massive amount of custom coding that not everyone is adept is as. In fact, experts opine that the greater is the attention to the code, the better is the quality and stability of the eBook when it is displayed on a reading device.
Let’s look at the specific factors that make it imperative to entrust your eBook in the hands of a professional, experienced company:

Differences between Kindle and ePub formats: Developing an eBook for Kindle and for ePub is not the same, contrary to popular belief. The finer differences between these two formats mean that publishers are better off converting eBooks into these formats independently. Often, publishers make the mistake of simply taking the Kindle format and converting it into ePub; however, that compromises the quality of the final product. While deploying separate eBook conversion services for Kindle and ePub might take slightly longer, this approach proves beneficial in the long run.
Disparate reading devices: Nearly every major eBook device seller offers a wide-ranging portfolio of reading devices. For instance, there about five different Amazon Kindle models currently on the market. And for people who do not own a Kindle, the company has developed apps that can be installed across various operating systems. In view of this, a professional company can tackle the finer nuances of each type of eBook reading device to ensure the highest possible degree of compatibility.

The more complex aspects: EBook services go beyond mere conversion from text to digital. The software experts hired by your eBook conversion company will also address the often overlooked but immensely important formatting aspects such as font type and size, bulleted lists, charts and tables, as well as an array of other enhancements that are imperative to ensure that you get maximum downloads for your eBook.

Looking for Enhanced eBook Conversion Services? Things you Should Know

The term ‘enhanced books’ is commonly used by eBook conversion companies to refer to digital books that feature a bevy of advanced attributes such as interactivity, video, narration or other audio, and a lot more. Thanks to the greater degree of interactivity they bring at the reader’s fingertips, enhanced eBooks can help boost book sales, provided you entrust your project in the hands of a capable eBook conversion services company.
EBook Conversion Services
Let’s take a look at some of the features that characterize enhanced eBooks:

Audio and Video Enhancements
It is most common to see audio and video effects being embedded into eBooks these days to enhance the reading experience. However, it is important to note that – and most eBook conversion services experts will agree with this – your book’s content should warrant the use of audio and video. This means that the enhancements being embedded into an eBook should actually make for a richer, more vivid reading experience rather than simply acting as a distraction to the reader. Enhanced eBooks can certainly stimulate a reader’s interest in your book, but only if used intelligently.

Moreover, as a publisher, you should know right at the outset that audio and video enhancements in eBooks are not uniformly supported across all reading systems available on the market today. For instance, readers using devices apart from the leading ones such as the latest generation of Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iBooks, and NOOK (among a few others) could face issues seamlessly accessing AV enhancements in your eBooks. It is best to check the latest industry standards with your eBook services consultant.

Graphics and Animation
Aside from the fact that animations in eBooks might not render the same reader experience across disparate devices, it is also important for publishers to note that they come at an additional cost that they will have to pay to their eBook company. However, in many cases, these two aspects are vastly overshadowed by the advantages associated with animation and graphics.

Enhanced eBooks work better for certain genres of books and before you set out to discuss the finer details with your eBook services provider, knowing a bit about what enhanced eBooks are (and aren’t) is pivotal to making the right decision. As any experienced eBook conversion services provider would advise you, there are different styles and degrees of animation – what you choose would depend essentially on your budget and the nature of your audience. This also brings into focus your choice of an eBook provider – animations in enhanced eBooks need to be synced to perfection with both the text and the audio.

Seeking Additional Direction for Enhanced EBook Conversion Services
While some eBook devices seamlessly accept the richness of enhanced eBooks, some others are yet to evolve to a more technologically advanced stage. The latter are thus not well suited to the dynamic features that are a part and parcel of enhanced eBooks. While there is no arguing the fact that enhanced eBooks add a host of functional elements and content formats that would be unimaginable in hard books, there are some caveats that publishers need to discuss with their chosen service provider.