The Little Changes That Will Make A Big Difference With Your Ebook Conversion Services

When you are offering eBook conversions services, you always need to know the smart techniques by which you can stay at the top of the game. Here, we are going to discuss the little changes which you can bring that can make your services popular and in prolific demand too. Let us see what they are.

The pricing 

We all know how price competitive this market really is. So, you need to make it a point to ensure that you are fairly pricing your services. We are not asking you to opt for the policy of price erosion but your concern should be to understand the market and be rational with your rates or else you will lose out on a lot of customers.

The quality control 

A lot of companies pay no heed whatsoever to the kind of services which they are offering, This logic is going to impact your company terribly. If you want to flourish in this business, you need to have a team that handles quality control. There needs to be a thorough check of the output and see if there has been a flaw in the conversion process. Any flawed output needs to be amended before it is sent to the client.

The complete package 

If you are looking to procure more clients and improve your overall volume of work, it is best advised to offer a complete package. Rather than merely offering eBook conversion services, offer publishing and marketing as a part of the joint package. It is the mentality among too many people is to find someone who could assist them from scratch till finish. So, if you decide to offer a complete package, it will surely help you get a lot more clients.

Your marketing methods 

The world has come a long way as far as marketing is concerned. With so many companies out there, you need to brainstorm and think of ways by which you can stay ahead in this rat race. So, have a dedicated team that works with the click on marketing your services. Try and popularize your service on social media. Carry out contests and giveaways. Do things which create a buzz and bring you, clients. Simply staying static won’t bring any clients because there are too many options out there.

So, you need to work on these aspects. These are some proven strategies which are bound to bring in an apt change for you. As a company that specializes in eBook conversion, you have to handle things in a way which makes it easier to flourish.

The market is booming because the popularity of eBooks is on the rise. With more and more authors choosing to launch their books in the electronic media, there is tremendous scope in this industry. But, you will need to change things a little and do it differently to ensure that you can get the most out of your business.

Start the change today!


Looking for Enhanced eBook Conversion Services? Things you Should Know

The term ‘enhanced books’ is commonly used by eBook conversion companies to refer to digital books that feature a bevy of advanced attributes such as interactivity, video, narration or other audio, and a lot more. Thanks to the greater degree of interactivity they bring at the reader’s fingertips, enhanced eBooks can help boost book sales, provided you entrust your project in the hands of a capable eBook conversion services company.
EBook Conversion Services
Let’s take a look at some of the features that characterize enhanced eBooks:

Audio and Video Enhancements
It is most common to see audio and video effects being embedded into eBooks these days to enhance the reading experience. However, it is important to note that – and most eBook conversion services experts will agree with this – your book’s content should warrant the use of audio and video. This means that the enhancements being embedded into an eBook should actually make for a richer, more vivid reading experience rather than simply acting as a distraction to the reader. Enhanced eBooks can certainly stimulate a reader’s interest in your book, but only if used intelligently.

Moreover, as a publisher, you should know right at the outset that audio and video enhancements in eBooks are not uniformly supported across all reading systems available on the market today. For instance, readers using devices apart from the leading ones such as the latest generation of Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iBooks, and NOOK (among a few others) could face issues seamlessly accessing AV enhancements in your eBooks. It is best to check the latest industry standards with your eBook services consultant.

Graphics and Animation
Aside from the fact that animations in eBooks might not render the same reader experience across disparate devices, it is also important for publishers to note that they come at an additional cost that they will have to pay to their eBook company. However, in many cases, these two aspects are vastly overshadowed by the advantages associated with animation and graphics.

Enhanced eBooks work better for certain genres of books and before you set out to discuss the finer details with your eBook services provider, knowing a bit about what enhanced eBooks are (and aren’t) is pivotal to making the right decision. As any experienced eBook conversion services provider would advise you, there are different styles and degrees of animation – what you choose would depend essentially on your budget and the nature of your audience. This also brings into focus your choice of an eBook provider – animations in enhanced eBooks need to be synced to perfection with both the text and the audio.

Seeking Additional Direction for Enhanced EBook Conversion Services
While some eBook devices seamlessly accept the richness of enhanced eBooks, some others are yet to evolve to a more technologically advanced stage. The latter are thus not well suited to the dynamic features that are a part and parcel of enhanced eBooks. While there is no arguing the fact that enhanced eBooks add a host of functional elements and content formats that would be unimaginable in hard books, there are some caveats that publishers need to discuss with their chosen service provider.

Book Digitization – A boon to readers

Reading is always a pleasure to the human mind. It provides an alternate universe, thereby helping man to get knowledge and pleasure. In due course, reading helps one gradually develop an imaginary world of his/her own to dwell in times of difficulty or agony. Having said all about the advantages of reading, we should look at new technology helping people read. The legacy of reading with printed books and paperbacks is being backed with e-book conversion. People are more and more inclined towards reading over electronic media, for it offers quite a number of advantages over the conventional reading methods.

The Era of e-booksEra of e-books

With the increasing use of devices such as iPad, Kindle, Nook and the like, this age could rightly be called the era of e-books. Compared to the bulky bundles of printed books, people prefer these palm-sized devices which could provide them all what they need in a hassle-free manner. One such device can very well be used as a substitute for an entire library. Apart from the storage capability, they also offer a wide range of advantages and a variety of attractive functionalities to the readers. The organization is the biggest advantage that a reader could get with these state-of-the-art technologies. Any book you require is available to you at a click or a swipe of your finger.

The Evolution – Books to e-books

All that being said about the digital media, it’s important to look at smoother and effective ways of transition from the conventional methods to the latest world of iPads, Kindles, and Nooks. Along with the emerging trends, it is important to see to it that, the older forms of literature are still made available to the readers in the convenient new media. This brings into the picture, the mandatory process of e-Book conversion. While the newer books are directly made available over the digital media, care has to be taken to make the massive collection of older literature available to the modern readers.

The e-Book Market

The e-books are known to be environment-friendly by avoiding the use of paper. This has made a lot of companies take the initiative for e-book conversion. Most of the publications release their books both in the digital and conventional forms. They are made available in a number of standard formats namely PDF, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, DOCX etc. There is a wide range of audiobooks available in the market, for people who prefer listening to books rather than reading. There are a number of readers available on the digital stores which support e-books in any of these formats. These readers also embed numerous features such as attractive visual effects, bookmarks, day/night mode and so on, in order to enhance the quality of the reading experience.
Books have always been a great source of knowledge. So it is always important to maintain the crux of them, may it be conventional or modern. The e-book conversion offers the knowledge of conventional books to every modern reader with new technology.